BTS’ vocals are like ‘Butter’ in comeback MV

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BTS is back with a new English track called ‘Butter‘. They have also dropped the remix version of it. So, check them out below!

BTS has returned with another funky track that goes so nicely with their vocals. They definitely know how to bring that chill yet fun vibe to the song through this MV. They had a lot of fun filming this as they showcase their charms throughout this video. The video is made interesting by adopting different scenery, different effects, and making the word “ARMY” with their bodies. It is unexpected but quite touching when it came to the screen. Their vocals are top-notch with the rap verse fitting quite nicely with this beat. They know how to make a song sound so good to our ears. Once again, they have outdone themselves with another incredible song.

They have surprised the fans with the release of the Hotter Remix of their track, ‘Butter‘. Unlike the other video, this video is one that is made for the fans. Their personality just shines throughout this video as they have fun singing along to the song. They definitely are such dorks as they all have their time to shine when their parts come out. It is nice to see this side of them as they groove along to this version. It is quite a nice remix to the song.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MVs above. Did you enjoy the vibe of this song? Let us know in the comments below!

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