BTS’ Jimin makes a ‘Promise’ on Soundcloud

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BTS‘ member Jimin has surprised and delighted fans by releasing his first self-produced track ‘Promise‘. The track was released on BTSSoundcloud channel.

Jimin has displayed his talents as a singer-songwriter with this song, as it was composed by Jimin himself and Slow Rabbit. The lyrics were written by Jimin and fellow BTS member RM. Slow Rabbit also arranged the song.

The song features a beautiful guitar instrumental with Jimin‘s sweet vocal singing of a promise to make someone happy. The lyrics state: “I want you to be your light baby / You should be your light / So that you are no longer in pain, so you could smile / I want you to be your night baby / You should be your night / So that this night could be more honest to you”. 

The song perfectly suits Jimin‘s style and is relaxed and warm.

Check out BTS’ Jimin ‘Promise’

On BTS‘ official Twitter, Jimin posted a message regarding this long-awaited song reveal. He wrote: “Everyone, you’ve been waiting long for a long time, yes? I have finally dropped my self-produced track. This is a song for myself but this is also a song for you guys. This is my first time, so it’s a bit raw, but please listen to it. Thank you ARMYs for having waited patiently.

What do you think of Jimin‘s song ‘Promise‘? Would you like to hear more solo material from BTS members? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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