BTS are in a ‘Dream Glow’ with their new release while teasing us with their family portraits

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BTS are a worldwide phenomenon known not only for their amazing stage presence, adaptability with their music and style but they have an overall grace to the group.

The group’s new song is no different and we are in love with it. The new song ‘Dream Glow’ (BTS world OST Pt1) featuring Charli XCX is an amazing venture into the group’s diversity. Thanks to Big Hit Entertainment, you can listen to it now at the sources below:

Links to ‘Dream Glow’

We are absolutely in love with this new track as it features a unique style and is a lot more subdued then we come to expect from BTS. Charlie XCX brings her amazing flair to the song just making it one you can listen to over and over again.

And while you listen to their new song, BTS also released a set of gorgeous images titled ‘Opening Ceremony Family Portrait‘ on their official Instagram.

Opening Ceremony Family Portrait.

As you can see, each image appears to be tailored to the personality of the individual member while still being cohesive to the concept. The overall effect when placed together is very ‘Brady Bunch‘ with the members looking towards each other. This is a really lovely concept and we adore these images.

What do you think about the new song and images? Let us know below!

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