BTOB’s Minhyuk goes for a ‘BOOM’ concept in latest teasers

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BTOB‘s Minhyuk has begun dropping teasers for his upcoming return with ‘BOOM‘. Check it out below!

From the tracklist, there is a total of 12 tracks including ‘I’m Rare‘, ‘Boom‘, ‘Shadow‘, ‘You’re My Spring‘, ‘You’re Unknown‘, ‘Is It Love‘ featuring BTOB‘s Changsub, ‘Dangerous‘, ‘Real Game‘, ‘We Walk Together‘, ‘Red Wine‘, ‘Waiting‘ and ‘Final Snow‘.

For his first set of teasers, he is seen wearing a beautiful racer or astronaut outfit that is made to fit him well. He looks super cool in white with the galaxy behind him. He surely knows what poses to make to capture his best side. With his white outfits, it does a great job in contrasting with the other colours in the room. The other outfit features him in black with the beautiful night sky behind him. It makes him look sharp and charismatic.

His second set of teasers has him changing up the concept and vibe. This time, he is dressed up to look like a sexy businessman. It is clear that he is able to pull of that clean-cut look, especially in a well-fitted suit. He knows how to make us all swoon over how good he looks in these outfits.

The third concept teasers maintain that sexy look. However, this time, the lights are more dimmed with mainly coloured lighting to help bring the light that the images need. With the lighting, we get a wet look from him that fits right into this look that he is going for. It is clear that he knows what he is doing and poses to bring out the best in this look.

The latest concept teasers brings out his more chill side. He is seen wearing more casual look while doing the things he love. We see him surrounded by different instruments while in the zone. This casual look definitely suits him.

Meanwhile, he is set to make his hot return on June 27th. Which concept do you like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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