BTOB stares ‘Outside’ in MV teaser

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BTOB has revealed their final teasers for ‘Outside‘. Check them out below!

They have revealed their individual video teasers. Minhyuk is first up with his teaser. In the video, we see him going for a night drive with a beautiful sports car. What is amazing about this video is the fact that the whole video is in black and white except for his red hair.

In Changsub‘s teaser, we get this jazzy vibe that goes well with the office look. It also has this retro vibe that fits his overall look. We can’t wait to see the development of this sound.

Peniel‘s teaser features another track. It has this funky vibe that one would love to groove to. The vibe of his video brings forth his mafia and rich side that he pulls off so flawlessly.

Finally, it is Eunkwang‘s teaser. We get this country vibe melody while he lies on the operating table. From the way he is dressed, it surely reminds us of the main character in the movie, ‘Warm Bodies‘. Nevertheless, he is great at acting as a zombie!

Now, they have dropped the official MV teaser. In this teaser, we see that they are continuing with that musical movie element that we seen from their ‘Blue Moon‘ performance on Kingdom.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot comeback August 30th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

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