Brand New Music ‘Look Good’!

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Brand New Music crew is back to celebrate the end of year holiday. They have released a total of two tracks that features their artists. So, check it out below!

The first track is called ‘Look Good‘. This song features the following artists: Bumkey, Yang Da Il, Kebee, Kanto, KittiB, GREE, Yenjamin and Vincent Blue. This song is quite chill to listen to. It has this groove that makes it easy to listen to. Because of this relaxing beat, the artists are able to do such a good job singing or rapping. It has such good vibes, bringing us chills in the process.

The other track is called ‘Melting‘. This one features Kanto, AB6IX, Kang Minhee, Yoda Young and BDC. This one definitely has that Christmas vibe that one would love to dance to. Their voices just harmonise so nicely with one another. It is a song that allows each of their voices to shine. One can’t help but fall in love with this song.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out both the tracks above. Do you like them both? Let us know in the comments below!

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