Brand New Music family gather together in a ‘Sweater’ MV

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Brand New Music artists have come together to celebrate the new year. Their track is called ‘Sweater’. So, check it out below!

In this track, it features the following artists: Bumkey, Yang Da Il, Taewan, Kang Minhee, MXM and Vincent Blue. It is always so cute to watch company artists come together to enjoy music. This constant chimes and jingles are best for winter. What makes this track so enjoyable to listen to is the fact that each one of their voices are just so soothing to listen to. It just guides to nicely with the melody and one can’t help but be drawn into its vibes.

Then, the chorus comes hitting hard into our minds as the beats get more distinct and their singing style changes. It is a beautiful change and thus allows the deeper voices and rappers to come in. Overall, they have done an incredible job in warming us up!

So, be sure to listen to the track above. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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