Big Hit merges with Source Music

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Yes, that is right! It is confirmed that Big Hit will be merging with Source Music.

In particular, on July 29th, Big Hit revealed that “We have signed a contract to acquire equity in Source Music, which will become part of Big Hit. We plan to have Source Music’s current executives remain with the agency to maintain the unique colour and independence of the label. We have chosen to merge since we have similar philosophies about the development and management of our artists. Since we know each other very well, I expected this to be successful. I’m happy that we will be able to build up an even larger picture.”

Meanwhile, Source Music said that “I’m happy that Source Music has become a part of Big Hit. I think that this is an opportunity for all of our artists, trainees and employees to move forward. I believe that Big Hit’s ability and experience in creating a global artist will become a solid foundation for us and I’m looking forward to it. We will repay the fans with better content in the future.”

We can’t wait to see what the two agencies will get up to this year. One thing that is revealed is that the two will be moving into Big Hit‘s new building in 2020.

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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