BIBI enjoys her ‘Birthday Cake’

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BIBI has spoiled fans with the release of MVs for her sidetracks on her latest album, ‘Bad Sad and Mad‘. So, check out what she has in store for the fans below!

The first MV that was released after her title track is called ‘Birthday Cake‘. This MV has a very deep meaning that really touches fans’ heart by the end of the clip. Like her title track’s MV, she has only shown a snippet of the song so, it has become a short MV. Through this short MV, she conveyed the feeling that one would have while being homeless. By the end of it when she is crying, one can’t help but feel sad and drawn to her. It is clear that she acts quite well and have conveyed the right feelings to bring out the right emotions of the audience. The song itself is quite chill and goes well with her vocals. It is a great way to promote the tracks on this latest album.

The latest MV she dropped is ‘Life Is A Bi…‘. Initially it felt like she starts a new storyline that is different to what we have seen from her other MVs. However, there are subtle connections found within the video. In particular, this time, she is a student who is running away from reality. It is clear that she is running a difficult life that leaves her making different decisions. By the end of everything she has done, she becomes the person we have seen in her ‘Birthday Cake‘ MV.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MVs above. Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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