BewhY and Simba Zawadi gives us a ‘Hymn’ in new collaboration MV

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BewhY and Simba Zawadi has finally dropped their collaboration EP called ‘Neo Christian‘. Previously, they had revealed the MV for ‘Neo Christian Flow‘. Now, they have dropped the MV for ‘Hymn‘. Check it out below!

This beat definitely draws you in from the very beginning and is further enhanced after the announcement that Gray has produced the track. However, what one can’t take away from BewhY is how well he flows on top of this beat. He just does it so flawlessly and has you grooving along to it. He just raps and owns the beat. His flow is just on point and really has you loving every moment of it. Then, we are hit with Simba and BewhY‘s soothing voice that gives you chills. He just has such a great voice that contrasts nicely with BewhY‘s hard-hitting rap. It is just a great mix. We also get to hear Simba‘s rap, which is also a total contrast from his singing voice. It is so distinct and just travels nicely with this beat. Overall, it is quite a powerful song to listen to.

So, be sure to check out the MV above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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