Bebe Rexha and ITZY’s collaboration for ‘Break My Heart Myself’ is here!

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The collaboration track between Bebe Rexha and ITZY has arrived. The track is called ‘Break My Heart‘. Check it out below!

It is said that only member Yeji and Ryujin was featured on the track. The song itself has a groovy melody that suits all their tone of voices. The adlibs that are added to fit the lyrics of the song makes it super interesting to listen to. It is quite interesting to hear how well their voices contrast with Bebe‘s voice. Everyone has their distinct section, showcasing how unique each of their vocals are. Yeji‘s section just stands out as she sings so cleanly on top of this beat. Then, we get Ryujin‘s part, where her voice was also highlighted so well on this track. It is clear how well Bebe had assigned each person’s section. With that, we are so happy that this collaboration happened!

So, be sure to check out the full track above. Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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