Be Prepared to be captured by A.C.E’s charm with latest comeback teasers!

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A.C.E is ready to make their hottest return with ‘Under Cover: Because I Want You To Be Mine, Be Mine’. They have revealed the comeback schedule, as well as the teasers to go with it. So, check them all out below!

From the schedule, they will be releasing a total of for solo teasers set for May 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th. Then, they will reveal the group teasers on May 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th. Following on is the member’s individual MV teaser, set from May 11th to May 15th. They will end all the teasers with the official MV teaser and the highlight medley, where both will be revealed on May 16th.

Ahead of their return, they have also revealed the pre-released MV for ‘If You Heard‘. It gives us a feel for the kind of concept they will be going for this upcoming return. The song itself is quite soothing to listen to. It works so well with their voices, bringing chills down our spine. The lovely piano melody mixed in with the guitar is such a great combination. Something about this is just so soft to watch. It is utterly beautiful to listen to.

For their first solo teaser, we see all the members in one frame while looking quite cool against the crimson background. It makes them look quite charismatic, as they us all kind of poses. The other solo teaser is a much more close up of them. They definitely are nailing this concept, which is a total change from what we have seen from them!

Now, for the group teaser, they are seen wearing the same outfits as their previous solo images. However, with them all in one frame, you can just see how cool they look as a whole. They definitely a group that is full of hot charms!

For their second individual teaser, we see a more casual look yet still going for that strong and serious vibe. They definitely know how to look good in black and red. It is a look that works well with all of them where they all can pull off that charismatic vibe. For their closeup shots, their facial expressions are definitely well-done! One can’t help but be captured by each of them.

Now, with the whole group together, their outfits just go well with them, while still maintaining the same concept among their outfits. Overall, it is a fierce and strong look.

Now, going for a different colour background, this time their solo image teasers show a different side to charisma. These images allow their more manly side to come through. It is definitely a look that they can all pull off.

They surely know how to have our hearts captured every time we look at them. What is quite interesting is the fact that they are able to maintain that serious vibe while changing the mood of the image. Another thing to mention that they definitely pull off the black colour so well.

The group is set to make their hottest comeback with their second mini album on May 17th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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