Bang Yongguk is ‘Coming Home’ with a much happier song

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Yes, that is right! Bang Yongguk had participated in singing and rapping the OST track for ‘Coming Home A Hundred Years Later‘. The track is called ‘Coming Home‘. So, check it out below!

What makes this OST MV unique is the fact that Yongguk is seen singing and rapping this song live. Because of that, you can hear his genuine voice hitting us right in the soul. The melody and beat is quite catchy to listen to. Then, his raspy rapping verses just flows so well with this upbeat melody. As the song continues to build, we get to hear him sing. His singing is so beautiful and gives it that happy vibe. He didn’t an incredible job with this OST track. Fans are definitely enjoying every minute of this track, as well as been quite proud of how far he has come!

So, be sure to check out the MV above. Did you like this song? Let us know in the comments below!

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