Bang Yong Guk creates memories with fans in Sydney

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For those fortunate enough to have a VIP ticket, the night started with early entry into the venue, lining up for the group photo experience.  Those waiting at the top of the stairs were the first to see Bang Yongguk as he emerged with a shy smile and a quick “Hi” to everyone waiting.  He sat down casually, cross legged on the bench seat waiting to greet his fans and have their pictures taken.  Fans were delighted to be able to share quick words with him, along with him linking fingers with them, giving them a true “Hi-Touch” experience not seen since Pre-covid.  He was warm and genuine in his demeanour and the photographer encouraged fans to sit in close for their group picture.

After the euphoria of this encounter, fans were given a signed poster along with a Photo card, of which there were a few types. They were then guided into the stage area where they could take their place in front of the stage.  Yongguk came out and performed his soundcheck with songs “Up” and “Green”  The remainder of audience members then joined the VIP ticker holders and the show kicked off.

The audience was treated to an extremely intimate event with no space between themselves and the stage allowing them to be up close and personal with the performances.  Yongguk smoothly worked through his catalogue including his solo version of one of his first ever tracks “I Remember”, originally released with Yang Yo-seob from Beast/Highlight.  Fan favourites were “Green” (accompanied by apt soft green lighting), “Xie Xie”, multi-language track “Yamazaki” and “Hikikomori” described as a study of his own anxiety and fears.  No part of his more than a decade long career was left unexplored and included songs from EP’s BANGYONGGUK, The Colors of Love and 2, along with non-album singles like “Orange Drive”.

Yongguk explained when he returned to Seoul that he would be releasing his new album entitled “3” on his birthday (March 31st), and that he hoped we would all enjoy it and help celebrate his birthday by listening to it.  Fans were then given a sneak preview as he performed “BUSS IT DOWN” from the upcoming album.

In keeping with the intimate vibe of the show, Yongguk pleaded with his fans to put their phones down, that he wanted to see each persons face and look them in the eyes.  True to his word, he moved around the stage making eye contact with everyone much to the delight and excited squeals of those that attended.

The night concluded with Encore performances of “See You Later” and “Off”, after which he asked if he could please take a photo with everyone to commemorate the event.  He was handed an Australian flag, which featured in the pictures taken.  Prior to leaving the stage, Yongguk accepted gifts, and signed a few lucky fans albums.

Were you at the event?  What were your favourite fan moments? Let us know!

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Written by Erika Semenoff

Edited by Narelle Wilkinson

Photo credit: Erika Semenoff

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