Baek Yerin gives her ‘Present’ self in comeback teasers

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Baek Yerin has dropped new teasers for her upcoming return with ‘Present‘. Check it out below!

She has dropped her first album cover. It is in black and white as she stares right at the camera. It surely gives off a different vibe if it was in colour. The way she is buried right into the bushes makes her stand out. She looks amazing in this casual look.

Her next album cover is in colour. As we have expected, she is seen posing outside. This time, she is near a pond with a lot of long grass surrounding her. Since she is wearing white, she contrasts so nicely with the overall scenery.

In her next teaser, we get to listen to the snippet of the instrumental version. It has this sweet vibe that would go well with her voice. We can’t wait to hear the development of this song.

The next audio teaser also has a sweet melody that would put you in a good mood. It surely has us excited to see how her vocals will fit into this track. When we hear more of the track, it gives off this sadness that goes well with the animation.

This track has a more fun melody that one would groove along to. There is also this beat that makes it sound quite nostalgic and retro. It is quite short, leaving us wanting more.

The next track has this funky and unique beat and melody that leaves us curious. It surely is different and we can’t wait to hear more of it.

This track has a more laid-back feeling that is different to the other tracks on this album. It also has this old feeling that leaves us swaying along to it.

The latest teaser has a strong use of instrumentation, building up the intensity of the song. The way it sounds makes it feel like it will be a heavy song with emotional lyrics.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on September 10th. Which melody do you like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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