Baek A Yeon wants to say ‘Sorry To Myself’ in comeback MV

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Baek A Yeon has made her return with a new album, ‘Dear Me‘. By the way this album is titled, it appears that this album is dedicated to herself, as a way to reflect o everything she has done. Thus, the title of her title track surely has a significant meaning. It is called ‘Sorry To Myself‘. It has a music video, so check it out below!

It is good to be able to finally say that she is back! Once again, we are presented with such a beautiful and delicate track. In particular, the way this track has been written is quite emotional to listen to. It is almost like a reflection on her part and the way the song is constructed overall helps enhance the meaning of this song. It is also quite strong in sound which helps bring out the best in her voice. The constant softness of the piano accompanied by the strong strumming of the guitar and drums really helps with the rhythmical sounds she is going for. Overall, she has done an incredible job with this comeback and fans are surely proud of what she is presented.

Be sure to show your support by checking out the MV above. What are your thoughts on this track? Let us know in the comments below!

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