Australia, are you ready for Stray Kids?

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We’re just days away from Stray Kids landing in Australia for the Australian leg of their ‘UNVEIL TOUR ‘I Am….’.

Stray Kids will be performing in Melbourne on February 21 at Festival Hall before heading to Sydney to perform at The Big Top on February 24.

So, we thought we’d help get you all in the mood by sharing our current Stray Kids Top 5 songs. The songs are in no particular, because let’s face it, how could we possible choose a favourite!

Let’s get into the music!

Voices’ is a track that highlight the pressure that is put on artists to perform – and that makes it a powerful and emotional track. However, it’s not the external voices that are tormenting them, it’s their own internal voices, nagging at them to do better and be more.

The track is somewhat stark and stripped back in its production which ensures that the vocal stays the focus of the song.

Stray Kids ‘Voices’

‘I am You‘ took a step back from the intensity of ‘Hellevator’ and ‘District 9‘. At the time of its release, it was described as being ‘sentimental’. That seems to be an apt world for this track. By taking their foot off the ‘intense’ pedal it allowed their vocal colours to shine through. Don’t get us wrong – the rappers still deliver bigtime, but it’s just that we get to here more of their vocal ability on this track.

Stray Kids ‘I am YOU’

‘Hellevator‘ was a pre-debut track from the group – and as a pre-debut track it was spectacular. It was moody and evocative and energetic and gave us a taste for what was to come.

The opening low and mood-setting vocal is deceptive as once the rap line takes over, they own the track and drive the thumping beat and switching rhythms. Of course there’s more to the song than the rap line, but, let’s be clear they own this song.

Stray Kids ‘Hellevator’

District 9‘ is a complete triumph of a song from a group that was still considered to be a rookie group when the song was released in March 2018.

From the opening moments of the song, you get an idea of the energy levels of the song from the wailing sirens – and that energy level doesn’t let up. As we’ve come to expect from Stray Kids, the rappers deliver a blistering performance, but then, there’s the rock guitar which is used to maximum effect in the song. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the hook from this track – it’s loud and intense and driven by the powerful vocals of Chan.

Stray Kids ‘District 9’

Get Cool‘ is a bit of a sleeper track, but it’s still one of our favourites. It has a very different feel to most of the material we’ve seen from the group, in that it takes a more light-hearted and fun approach to both the concept, the lyrics and the vocal.

Stray Kids ‘Get Cool’

What’s your favourite Stray Kids song? Is it included in our list above? If you’re in Australia, will you be attending one of the shows? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t forget that Stray Kids are being brought to Australia by My Music Taste and tickets for both shows are still available. You can purchase your tickets here for Sydney or here for Melbourne.

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