ATEEZ give us a ‘Fever’ with ‘Inception’

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It’s less than a week since ATEEZ dropped their comeback album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1‘ and the title track ‘Inception’, but it’s already a firm fan favourite.

Inception‘ was chosen as the title track after fans had the opportunity to vote between ‘Inception’ and the track ‘Thanxx‘.

The song is a pounding EDM genre track that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. It successfully mixes big doses of synth-pop and hip-hop and sees the vocal line delivering soaring, impossibly high ad-libs along with beautiful harmonies over the hook, making it another memorable track from the group.

In the MV, ATEEZ are trapped inside an abandoned school, where the members seem to be in stages of restless sleep as they flit between dream spaces and real life. The choreography as we would expect, is powerful and intricate.

ATEEZ ‘Inception’ MV

The group have now also dropped the dance practice video for ‘Inception’ which is as intense and impressive as the full MV.

ATEEZ ‘Inception’ Dance Practice

What do you think of ‘Inception‘ from ATEEZ? Do you think it’s as powerful as their previous releases? Have you listened to the rest of the album? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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