ATEEZ are about to drop ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer’

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We’re pretty sure that you all already know, but we’re excited about the news that ATEEZ will be making one of the first comebacks of 2020 with the release of their mini-album ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer‘ on January 6.

The album will contain four (4) brand new tracks as well as the outro ‘Long Journey‘. The title track is ‘Answer‘, and other songs on the album are: ‘Horizon’, ‘Star 1117‘ and ‘Precious‘.

The most recent teaser released is the album preview.

ATEEZ ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer’ Album Preview

The group have also dropped a powerful performance preview for the mini-album title track ‘Answer‘.

ATEEZ ‘Answer’ Performance Preview

Earlier ATEEZ shared the trailer ‘Outro: Long Journey’ for the ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer‘ comeback.

ATEEZ ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer’ Outro: Long Journey trailer

The group haven’t left us wanting for content with the quality and quantity of teasers that have been released in the lead-up to the album release.

In the plethora of concept photos that have been released, we see a mix of concepts that have been used for their previous releases. It’s been causing much discussion and confusion amongst fans.

ATEEZ teaser photos

ATEEZ‘s will be making their comeback with the album ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer‘ which will be released on August 6 at 6pm KST.

Are you looking forward to this comeback from ATEEZ? What do you think of the teasers so far? Are you excited to hear ‘Answer‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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