ASTRO open the ‘Gateway’ with a ‘Knock’

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ASTRO have made their welcome comeback with the release of their seventh mini-album ‘Gateway‘ and the title track ‘Knock‘.

The album’s name ‘Gateway‘ refers to ASTRO moving through a gateway into a new world, and the title track ‘Knock‘ represents the group knocking on the door that will lead them into the new world.

The lyrics for ‘Knock‘ are about traveling through time to find someone they’re unable meet in the present and taking them to a world where they can stay together forever.

The vocal line showcase their beautiful voices throughout the song, especially with the stunning harmonies. As always MJ‘s astounding vocals are on full display when he performs his parts of the song. All of the members are given the chances to shine in this song and no-one lets the team down.

ASTRO ‘Knock’

The members of ASTRO have all commented that the choreography for ‘Knock‘ is perhaps the hardest and most complicated choreography that they have undertaken for any of their songs to date. You can see why when you watch the practice video that has been released.

ASTRO ‘Knock’ dance practice

What do you think of ASTRO‘s ‘Knock‘? Do you like the song and the choreography? Have you listened to ‘Gateway‘? What’s your favourite song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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