ASTRO are the ‘ONE’ in comeback MV

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ASTRO have released their second full album ‘All Yours’ and the title track ‘ONE’.

ONE’ has been described as an electronic dance track with a powerful energy.  Not only is there powerful energy, but the group continues to build on the sexy, masculine concept that they’ve been developing over their past few releases.

In the lead-up to the release, the group dropped a plethora of teaser clips and images, which should have given us some idea of what we were in for – but – there is no way that we could have been ready for what we got when the clip was released!  The visuals in this clip are off the chart.  It’s well-known that Moonbin is my bias, but, with this clip, how do you even stay true to, or choose a bias?

From the very beginning, ASTRO sets the scene for the powerful and energetic dance track.  The anthemic chorus which features the line ‘We come as ONE’, which is a defiant shout-out to the haters, sets both the tempo and the mood for the remainder of the track.

The song hits you hard with moments of bright melody which underpin the electro funk moments of the chorus and post-chorus.  Then there is the pounding bass line and trap beats through the verses which may all seem like a mish mash of confusing, conflicting styles, but it isn’t – it just works!

There are lots of vocal highlights throughout the song, MJ’s voice is, as always, a standout when he is given the opportunity to let it rip, Rocky and JinJin’s rap sections are always amazing and they are completely on-point here.  Sanha, EunWoo and Moonbin provide the colour, charm and texture to the vocals to round the track out beautifully.

The choreography is next level and is executed with the precision and sharpness that we have come to expect from an ASTRO release.


What do you think of ASTRO‘s new song ‘ONE‘? What are your thoughts on the MV? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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