ASTRO are going to have you up ‘All Night’ in new MV

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ASTRO have made a stunning return with the release of their first full album ‘All Light‘ and the title track ‘All Night‘.

All Night‘ is a soulful dance track which blends modern EDM elements with retro synths. The synths will sound somewhat familiar to you, picking up on some classic moments from K-pop (think BIGBANG).

The dynamic beat drop opens up into the rhythmic chorus, while the central melody pulls the instrumental along and gives the song a cohesive feeling

The lyrics speak of a man who waits all night for the arrival of his lover. The group teamed up with LDN Noise to produce the song and the raps were written by members Rocky and JinJin.

The accompanying music video features enough moments to keep all fans happy!

The clip is ethereal and romantic, this is a group that knows who to do a good visual. Each of the members is pictured moving whimsically through flower filled gardens and romantic-looking scenery.

They bring the edginess with their tight and powerful choreography, which shows their sexy, masculine side.

ASTRO ‘All Night’

At the showcase event for their album, the members had said that the album is one that is full of wishes. They long to shine forever in the never-ending garden of eternity.

What do you think of ASTRO‘s ‘All Night‘ and the accompanying music video? Do you have a favourite part of the clip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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