Apink says ‘Thank You’ in MV teaser

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Apink has been preparing for a special release to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They have dropped many teasers ahead of this release. So, check it out below!

From the first teaser, it is revealed that the song they will release is called ‘Thank You‘. They will be releasing this on the day of their 10th anniversary.








They have also revealed each member’s individual teaser. Each member gets a total of two images. The colours used is quite bright and pastel, giving it that light-hearted feeling. Each member also looks quite beautiful in their respective images as they go for that uplifting vibe. It is definitely a vibe that goes well with them and we can’t wait to see what kind of song they will release that will be fitting to this concept.

In the first MV teaser, we get this uplifting sound that goes well with the vibe of the video. They are just so cute while posing for the camera. However, there are parts of the video that makes it quite touching and heart-felt when they showcase memories within their images and short snippets of their past events. It definitely sounds gorgeous; we can’t wait to hear more of it!

In their second MV teaser, they have revealed more of the song. This time, we get to hear their vocals. This track definitely has their signature sound. They sound amazing on top of this melody as they bring a happy vibe to us. Their vocals just shine on top of this melody as we can’t help but get chills from those beautiful adlibs and high notes.

Meanwhile, they will release this track on April 19th. Are you excited for the drop? Let us know in the comments below!

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