Anda announces her exciting return!

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Having shown off her voice in ‘What You Waiting For‘ collaboration track, it looks like Anda is back with her own solo stuff. In particular, she has dropped the countdown film teaser for her upcoming album. So, check it out below!

Through this video, we get to see the kind of concept she is going for. It has this nostalgic vibe where it goes through what she does in a daily basis outside of her idol life before it moves to what she does before her stages. It then transitions to her practice and how much she puts into each performance. It is clear how hard working she is through this video. She is always putting more than 100% to give us the best result.

However, because of that, fans are finally ecstatic that she may be potentially dropping her own album. One can’t wait to see the kind of track she will release!

Stay tuned to All Access Asia for more updates.

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