Amber starts her ‘Countdown’ to a free life in latest MV

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Amber is back stronger than ever. This time, she has returned with the track, ‘Countdown‘ featuring LDN Noise. So, check it out below!

This kind of music video is what Amber is all about. It is carefree and full of life. It is evident that Amber is enjoying filming this music video while singing to her heart’s content. There are many moments in which allows her voice to shine while really allowing you to feel the music. The energetic parts of the track helps enhance this vibe this is going for. Even though it is quite upbeat, her voice continues to be quite soothing to listen to and it just runs so smoothly along the melody. Furthermore, Amber is just having so much fun while dancing. Her movements are free and not restricted. Because of that, it allows her to express herself more freely with the music. By doing so, it also allows the choreography to look fun and enjoyable.

Meanwhile, be sure to have fun with Amber through this MV. Did you like its vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

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