Amber is sparkling in her latest teaser

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Yes, that is right! More solo tracks are coming your way from Amber. Before anything happens, Amber has revealed the first teaser. So, check it out below!

With SM posting what appears to be a spoiler but was immediately replaced with another post, it appears that Amber may be revealing two more solo tracks that are called ‘Countdown‘ and ‘Beautiful‘. In this image, Amber is seen staring off to the side, while showing of the painted blue stars on her face. The mix between red and blue to make the V shape near her eyes matches with the red carpet she is lying on and the blue hair colour she has. It also works well with the black shimmer outfit she is wearing. It definitely feels like it is a different concept to what we have previously seen from her.

Meanwhile, it appears that Amber will drop this track on November 30th in accordance to SM‘s previous post. However, at this stage, it is not confirmed whether that post was correct. What did you think of the image? Let us know in the comments below!

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