AKMU spoil fans with the release of three new MVs

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AKMU definitely have spoiled us with all the MV releases for their collaboration album. Check out the MVs they have released so far below!

The next MV they have revealed is called ‘NAKKA‘ featuring IU. This song has this late 80s vibe with the use of this funky synth sound. It is the kind of beat that is easy to groove along to, as their vocals just travel so well with this melody. The song itself has many catchy sections, especially the chorus with the use of staccato. There is also an element of darkness that is heard among the disco sound. It surely makes the sound quite interesting to listen to. What is also incredible is the fact that AKMU and IU‘s voice blend so well with one another. It is just so beautiful to listen to. It is a collaboration that we didn’t think we need until now!

They have also revealed the MV for ‘Stupid Love Song‘ featuring Crush. This video is animated, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the song while watching how it fits with the illustration. The song itself is quite soothing and easygoing, allowing us to relax. Suhyun‘s vocals are just so beautiful and go so nicely with this vibe. It travels so well with the melody, especially when we get to hear her harmonising with Chanhyuk. Crush also has such a smooth voice that is fitting to this song. They have chosen the right artist to feature on this track as his voice is a perfect fit for this vibe.

Their latest MV is for the track, ‘Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc‘ featuring Beenzino. This song has such a fun melody that one would love to groove along to. It is the kind of sound that fits well with AKMU. This chill and catchy beat enhance the beauty of this melody as AKMU plays with the melody. The chorus itself is quite addictive to listen to as we all sing along. Beenzino‘s rap verse breaks the vibe of the song, making the song interesting. It is the perfect vibe that this song needs since it is mainly quite constant throughout the song besides the chorus.

Their next MV will be for the track, ‘Bench‘ featuring Zion.T. They have dropped the teaser, which indicates when the MV will be released. It is set for August 2nd!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all the MVs above. Which track is your favourite from their collaboration album? Let us know in the comments below!

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