AKMU enjoys the ‘Next Episode’ with Jannabi’s Choi Junghoon

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AKMU has dropped the next MVs. This time, it is for ‘Next Episode‘ featuring Jannabi‘s Choi Junghoon and ‘Everest‘ featuring Sam Kim. Check it out below!

They have done a great job in conveying the meaning of the song through the ‘Next Episode‘ MV. The song itself has quite soothing and soft, which goes well with their vocals. It is always a privilege to hear them sing so tender towards a song. With this vibe, they have gone for a black and white MV with a wounded chanhyuk. The video itself is kept simple where it starts off with a closeup before it zooms out slowly. This simplistic MV surely allows us to pay attention to the lyrics and the song.

Everest‘ is such a great song. It has this groovy vibe with a simple guitar strumming that is leading the beat of this song. Their vocals just fit in nicely with this type of melody as the song continuously build. They surely bring us chills when they are heard harmonising together. The high notes are also done so perfect, leaving us all in awe. The chorus is also so catchy to listen to. The video is also well done, where we see Suhyun walking around this torn-down circular building. It almost represents what it is like post-apocalypse.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out both the MVs above. Which track did you like the most from this collaboration album? Let us know in the comments below!

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