Ailee is a ‘Room Shaker’ in her new MV

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Ailee has become a force of nature in the Kpop scene and we were thrilled when her new MV ‘Room Shaker‘ was released.

Ailee’s new MV shows many sides of the singer from soft and sweet vocals to a grungy style chorus with outfits to boot. Let’s check it out together.

Ailee ‘Room shaker’ MV

No matter what the vocal style, Ailee takes it on with punch and force in her voice which is her signature style. She’ll shake your room with this booming track.

The visuals compliment the theme of the song with many different styles from glam, pastel, elegant and more. Let’s have a look at some of the styles from the MV below.

Official MV images

This is just a small snapshot but there’s some amazing styles in this MV.

We were left with another surprise when Ailee released on her official Twitter the making of MV for ‘Room Shaker‘ giving us a chance to take an inside look at what’s involved in the creation of this show stopping MV.

Official ‘Behind’ MV announcement

we think it’s really humbling when an artist allows their audience to be part of the creative process. Especially with an intricate MV such as this which requires so many dancers, media and more.

It was great to see Ailee just talking with staff and watch everyone having fun together. As serious as the MV is, you even get to see her witness a ‘dance off’ from one of her dancers and everyone just having a great time. We are truly grateful to witness such a wonderful video.

What do you think of the new MV and the making of? Tell us below!

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