aespa’s Winter stares right through you in ‘Black Mamba’ teasers

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aespa has revealed more teasers for their upcoming debut with ‘Black Mamba‘. Check it out below!

Winter is up next with her individual teasers. In these teasers, she gives us that charismatic stare that goes well with the dark background behind her. She knows how to right into your soul as she leans forward and rests her chin on her hand. It is quite a look and definitely goes well with her aura.

In this teaser, we get both Giselle and ae-Giselle. It is said that they both participated in writing the rap verse for this song. We get this fun rap as she raps so smoothly with the beat. It definitely leaves us hype for what’s to come.

With that, we also get her concept teasers. Like Winter, she too has embraced that bright green colour. However, instead of it being a background, it is also used as the colour for her outfits. She, too, looks quite beautiful in these images as she gives us different poses.

NingNing and ae-NingNing is up next with their video teaser. In this video, we get this chill and tropical beat that reminds us of the beach. Then, we get a change of pace to a more magical vibe as she sings so purely with the melody. One can’t help but get goosebumps as she puts her all into the song.

In NingNing‘s concept teasers, we see her embracing a sweet look as she goes for a light coloured outfit. It definitely fits her nicely as it fits her vibe. One can’t help but also notice that every member is wearing quite long nails. It may be part of the concept they are all going for!

Karina is up next with her concept teaser. In this video, we get quite an intense track that goes well with her overall concept. She gives us many beautiful shots as we hear the rush of water. Then, we get their powerful performance that fits well with the music.

Karina is also embracing the light colour scheme for her outfits. It allows her defined features to really shine in these images. Her stares are also so alluring and go well with the overall vibe of the video.

We also got their group teasers, including all the ae members. It is definitely a cool group to be part of. One can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

In their intro video teaser, we get a totally different vibe. This one embraces the dark side with the beautiful black coming through strongly throughout the video. The track itself is quite intense, leaving us more excited than ever.

Fitting to their intro teaser, we see them wear those dark outfits with a dark concept coming through in these images. It is definitely different from what they have shown us in their previous teasers. However, it does leave us quite intrigued.

In the MV teaser, we get that cute girl crush coming through in the beginning of the video. Then, we get this upbeat melody that really goes nicely with the fierce dance choreography going on in the video. Then, we get that dark side coming through, leaving us super ready for this debut.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot debut on November 17th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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