ADOR announces the name of their upcoming girl group!

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Yes, that is right! ADOR has finally announced the name of their upcoming girl group, as well as their upcoming debut. So, check it out below!

It is confirmed that the group will be called NewJeans. Ahead of their official debut, they have dropped the MV for ‘Attention‘. From the MV, we see the members attending a rock concert. They are seen enjoying the event before it zooms out and allows us to focus on each individual members. From the video, it does a great job of highlighting their teenage self as they live the typical teenage life. They bring out that youthful feeling while showcasing their charms. They definitely have a lot of attitude and have such amazing voices that fit right into this melody. This is a great way to introduce us to the group with no teasers. They go straight to the point, leaving us super intrigued.






They have also introduced us to the members. There is a total of five members including Minji, Hanni, Hyein, Haerin and Danielle.

They have also revealed their intro track, ‘Hype Boy‘. It has a beautiful synth melody that is captivating. It also has a sound that suits their other track. It is a great addition to this upcoming album.

They have also released the MV for ‘Hurt‘. This song has a different vibe to ‘Attention‘. This song has a more laid-back and chill vibe but maintains that smooth melody. This allows us to focus on their vocals, which wasn’t the main focus of ‘Attention‘. By doing this, it allows us to see just how diverse this group is. The members are surely talented, making us more pulled in by their charms and personality. We are excited to see where this group goes.

Meanwhile, the group will make their official debut on August 1st. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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