AB6IX’s Youngmin and Jeon Woong are first up with their concept teasers for ‘B:Complete’

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It looks like AB6IX is ready to tease for their upcoming debut with ‘B:Complete‘. They have revealed Lim Youngmin and Jeon Woong’s teasers. So, check it out below!

Youngmin is featured in three kind of images. In the first image, we get that natural light coming through the window. It allows him to look quite natural against the natural light. It is just so beautiful while staring out the window. The second image shows him in what appears to be a school outfits. He is seen looking straight at the camera while keeping his serious look on. The final image showcases his more casual look. He looks great in every look presented.

Like Youngmin, Woong is also presented in three kind of teasers. In the first image, we get to see him sitting quite casually on the couch while looking warm. He has an unreadable facial expression on while staring at the camera. The one in which has him in a blazer just shows off his more charismatic side. It is definitely a side that works well with him. It allows him to shine. Meanwhile, the final image has that more casual yet fierce look to it. It surely allows all his charms to come through!

Meanwhile, AB6IX will continue to reveal the member’s individual teasers. They will make their hot debut with their 1st EP on May 22nd. What do you think of the concept so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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