AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin’s new MV shows off his ‘COLOR EYE’

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On March 12, Brand New Music dropped Park Woo Jin‘s ‘COLOR EYE’, the final track of AB6IX‘s first digital EP ‘5NALLY’.

In a colorful yet dark-themed MV, Park Woo Jin sings about being captivated by someone’s beauty and uniqueness, which brighten his ‘COLOR EYE’.

In addition to multiple colors, filters, and effects, the MV contains short clips of Park Woo Jin‘s performance at a concert. Although his injury didn’t allow him to showcase his incredible dance moves in the MV, the charismatic Park Woo Jin awes fans with his powerful rap style, deep voice, and strong presence.

Park Woo Jin‘s ‘COLOR EYE’

AB6IX‘s ‘5nally’ gave each member the chance to shine with their own colour. The album consists of Jeon Woong‘s ‘Moondance’, Kim Dong Hyun’s ‘More’, Lee Dae Hwi‘s ‘Rose, Scent, Kiss’, Lim Youngmin’s ‘Break Up’, and finally Park Woo Jin‘s ‘COLOR EYE’.

Make sure to check out the MV above and share your thoughts about it in the comments down below.

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