AB6IX’s Daehwi completes the look with latest individual ‘B:Complete’ teasers

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AB6IX‘s Daehwi is the final member to release his individual teasers for upcoming debut. So, check it out below!

Like the other members, we get a total of three members of him. In the first image, he goes for a casual look while resting on the white cloth. His red hair is vibrant in this image, which stands out against the white background.

The other image, we see him pouting while wearing a lovely rich blue shirt. It truly contrasts well with the light blue background. The final image has him in purple. He has this awkward vibe surrounding the image, yet he makes it work with the overall concept.

Meanwhile, the group is set to make their hot debut on May 22nd. Do you like the teasers? Let us know in the comments eblow!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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