AB6IX gives you a preview of their album, ‘B:Complete’

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AB6IX has dropped the album preview for ‘B:Complete‘, as well as the cheer guide for ‘Hollywood‘. So, check out the videos below!

This album will have a total of seven tracks including ‘Absolute‘, ‘Shining Stars‘, ‘Breathe‘, ‘Friend Zone‘, ‘Light Me Up‘, ‘Dance For Two‘ and ‘Hollywood‘. ‘Absolute‘ is quite hard-hitting with such a minimal beat. It definitely gives us a feel for what this whole album may be about. ‘Shining Stars‘ is actually a total contrast with the previous song. It is quite soothing and allows their voice to shine.

Their title track is quite sexy to listen to. They are singing it with so much breathe, fitting in nicely with the song name. ‘Friend Zone‘ changes back to that happy vibe that allows us to really relax and enjoy it. ‘Light Me Up‘ changes up the vibe again with such a beautiful beat. It allows their rap verses to stand out. ‘Dance For Two’ is another beautiful song that have you grooving along to the song.

The following video is the ‘Hollywood‘ cheer guide. In this video, it is clear just how excited they are for their debut. They have their starter light stick and their banner cheering and just enjoying their track. It is clear just how much they are having while jamming to their song. It is also nice to see the group together.

Meanwhile, their official debut is on May 22nd. Are you ready for this? Which track did you like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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