AB6IX are ‘Blind for Love’ in new MV

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AB6IX have made their first comeback with the release of their first studio album ‘6IXENSE‘ and the title track ‘Blind For Love‘.

Despite only making their debut in May with the standout track ‘Breathe‘, the group have floored us all with this comeback.

Blind for Love‘ is a deep house track that Lee Dae Hwi co-composed and wrote the lyrics for. Lim Young Min and Park Woo Jin also participated with rap making for the song. The lyrics express being able to give anything for love. It’s a more mature and vocally powerful track than their first release and proves how they are growing in confidence and stature.

Blind For Love‘ was released with a music video that showcases a more dramatic and mature side to the group. It features their stylish and sleek choreography along with beautiful and grand cinematography.

AB6IX ‘Blind for Love’

What did you think of ‘Blind for Love’ from AB6IX? Do you like this more mature sound and concept from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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