9 stunning moments to re-live at TWICE ‘Ready To Be’ world tour in Melbourne!

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It’s been six (6) months since TWICE brought their 5th world tour, ‘Ready To Be‘ to Melbourne. Now, they are back in Melbourne, taking the crowd along as they make history as the first female group to headline a stadium in Australia. As well as becoming the first K-POP group to hold a stadium concert in Australia!

They showcased similar yet different performances that left fans mesmerised by their beauty. It is incredible how much of a difference it felt going from a normal concert hall to a large stadium concert venue.

In order to re-live the moments that TWICE Ready To Be‘ world tour brought to the Melbourne Onces, we will be highlighting nine stunning moments that we all need to remember!

1. Scale of this Concert

The moment you stepped into the stadium venue, all Melbourne Onces realised just how big the scale of this concert would be, and just how much love the members will get from the fans. Queues were forming around the stadium with fans all waiting excitingly for the members to announce their presence on stage. What made this experience even more amazing was the fact that the venue had an open-roof, allowing everyone to feel the cool afternoon breeze while enjoying the sunset and listening to TWICE perform their most powerful setlist.

With the scale of the event presented to the K-POP fans, it definitely dawned on us all how big TWICE is, and how much further they will go in their careers. We are excited to see what happens next for this powerhouse group and what they will show their fans in the future.

The stage where the members performed allowed them to roam around from the front of the stage where the main LED screens were to the stage extension built to allow better engagement with the fans. It allowed the members to interact extensively with the fans while still bringing their best to the stages.

The LED screens were set up to complement their performance, and that they did – bringing us a whole array of beautiful scenery and stunning shots of each member. The most touching moment was when their baby photos were shown next to each member, leaving everyone ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the cuteness.

2. Outfits

Throughout the concert, the members made a lot of outfit changes that left us in awe. Every outfit change allowed us to see the different themes and concepts they developed for each part of the concert.

The first few songs had the members wearing sleek black and charismatic outfits that went with their performances of ‘Set Me Free‘, ‘I Can’t Stop Me‘, ‘Go Hard‘, ‘Moonlight Sunrise‘ and ‘Brave‘.

For their solo stages, each member was dressed to match the songs they were performing. Each one of them brought their own colour to the stage, allowing us to get the full spectrum of who they were individually and how well they fit with one another when they performed together. Some of the highlights for outfits during the solo stages included:

  • Dahyun – the beautiful, colourful dress
  • Tzuyu – the white, sleek outfit
  • Sana – the sexy, black outfit
  • Mina – the captivating, pink outfit
  • Momo – the casual, Hip-hop outfit
  • Chaeyoung – the laid-back, cute outfit
  • Jihyo – the white, cargo outfit
  • Jeongyeon – the cute, highschool outfit
  • Nayeon – the iconic Louis Vuitton outfit

For their more emotional and captivating tracks, including ‘Feel Special‘, ‘Cry For Me‘, ‘Fancy‘ and ‘The Feels‘, the members were dressed in stunning, white outfits that accentuated the true beauty of the tracks. The members shone brighter than any star that day while wearing those blinged-out outfits.

As the night got darker, the more summery the members got. For their biggest hit medley, the members were dressed in cute, pastel outfits that were co-ordinatated with denim. It was the outfit of the night as it suited the current weather that Melbourne was having, as well as the kind of songs that they were singing.

Finally, for the final set of tracks, the members wore their own merch shirts that were either original or customised to fit the personalities of the members. It was during this time that we realised that the concert was coming to an end and so, we embraced the vibe of the show and cherished every moment that we had with TWICE.

3. Fireworks and Confetti

This was an unexpected touch to their stadium concert.

As it was an open-roof stadium concert, it allowed the group to maximise the full use of having an open-roof. The first time that it happened, the audience were left in awe as to how beautiful the fireworks at the top of their stage were and how powerful it was during the high tension sections of their songs.

The true magic of the fireworks was the 1 to 2 minute show that was paired up to their final tracks. Who knew that watching the fireworks with TWICE performing was the most beautiful thing in the world? It was truly a wish that was on our bucket list that we didn’t know was there – that came true!

Throughout the show, we were also given a handful of confetti explosions that lit the whole stadium with either beautiful shimmery blue paper, stunning white confetti or pink and white streamers. They all had the fans reaching out and packing away for their concert souvenirs.

4. Random Dance Challenges

As we gave the members time to breathe, the audience were caught up in random dance challenges. The audience were presented with a song and the camera panned along the crowd before landing on a fan who had to dance to the song whilst on camera. Sometimes, it was a solo dance challenge, at other times, it was a Once vs Once dance challenge. Nevertheless, it was super fun to watch different fans dancing!

Despite not being on camera, all the fans were enjoying themselves and dancing along to the tracks that were playing. It was a moment where fans could demonstrate how much they loved TWICE’s music and dances! It was clear that Onces are very talented dancers that know how to excite a crowd!

5. Nostalgic Old Songs Medley

One of my highlights during the entire concert was the nostalgic medley of their biggest hits! It was during this moment that Onces‘ voices were in unison with TWICE! All the fans were singing along and enjoying the vibe of each song sang.

The songs that were performed during this medley included ‘Yes Or Yes‘, ‘What Is Love?‘, ‘Cheer Up‘, ‘Likey‘, ‘Knock Knock‘, ‘Scientist‘, and ‘Heart Shaker‘.

Following this, more iconic songs including ‘Alcohol-free‘, ‘Dance The Night Away‘ and ‘Talk That Talk‘ were performed. It was song after iconic song that were super fun for the fans to sing and dance along to. The energy was high and it was clear that every fan would remember the atmosphere and vibe that happened then.

6. Solo Stages

It is always nice when concerts allow each member to have their solo stages.

Dahyun began the solo stages part of the concert on the piano, where she played ‘Let It Go‘ before it seamlessly transitioned to ‘Try‘ by Colbie Caillat. It was a song that suited her tone of voice and the message that she wanted to get across to the fans.

Next up was Tzuyu‘s performance of Charlie Puth‘s ‘Done For Me‘ where she gave us a stunning dance performance with her dancers.

Sana gave us a sexy cover of Dua Lipa‘s ‘New Rules‘ where she brought both floor and powerful moves to the song.

Mina also went for a sexy look for Ariana Grande‘s ‘7 Rings‘. It was an unexpected vibe for Mina but it allowed us to see a different side to her voice.

Momo finished the first section of solo stages with her dance cover of Beyonce‘s ‘Move‘, where she incorporated pole dancing! She said that since the last time she did it, she felt more comfortable and had more fun dancing!

Chaeyoung was first up for the second section of solo stages. She performed her first self-composed track, ‘My Guitar‘, which she also played on the guitar! With the open roof, we all felt the cool breeze and saw the beautiful night sky, which paired up so well with the vibe of this song. We can’t help but be taken by the emotional feelings of this song. It was clear that Chaeyoung too was caught up in the moment of singing this track.

Soon after, Jihyo tore down the stage with her powerful performance of ‘Killin’ Me Good’ before we got a laid-back and cute track from Jeongyeon, who covered Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling‘. There was even a dance break where Jeongyeon tore up the stage with her cute moves that suited the vibe of the song. We also got to see the other members putting a twist to the dance break during one of the ment sections.

Finally, Nayeon brought her solo track, ‘POP!‘ which ignited all the fans in the crowd as we all attempted the ‘POP!’ hand dance movements. These solo stages allowed each member to shine and showcase another side of who they are musically.

7. Atmosphere

One of the things that we took for granted was the atmosphere during that concert. Being surrounded by all the fans who love TWICE was a really special place to be. Everyone was respectful to each other, making sure that we all could experience the moment to its fullest, while enjoying the true beauty of TWICE.

It was amazing when the whole crowd was together, singing along to TWICE‘s songs and showing them just how much we love them and their music. Their personalities, their smiles and their happiness was all that we saw that night. It was what is imprinted in our minds and we also hoped that TWICE had as much fan as we did.

8. Wheel Roulette

For their encore stage, they approached it differently than most people! They brought out their Wheel Roulette that had various songs listed including ‘Doughnut‘, ‘More & More‘, ‘Signal‘, ‘Celebrate‘, ‘Perfect World‘, ‘Fanfare‘, ‘Love Foolish‘, ‘Up No More’ and ‘Candy Pop‘. As fans would know, half of the titles were from their Japanese releases, which had those in attendance super excited. They ended up singing ‘Signal‘ and ‘Perfect World‘. It was a great way to end the night with the Japanese song, ‘Perfect World‘, as they don’t always get to perform their Japanese songs at concerts outside of Japan. This was definitely a special treat for Aussie fans.

9. Video Dedicated to TWICE

One of the best ways to end any concert is by catching the members by surprise with a fan made video – and Aussie ONCE‘s made a video especially for TWICE. The video welcomed all the members back to Melbourne, highlighting the achievements they have made and then sharing the special moments between TWICE and their fans, and also with each other. Their laughter and happiness could be felt through that video. The video also had snippets of fans dancing along to their songs, and sending short messages to the members. It was clear that they were moved by this video as they were close to tears whilst watching it.

We have shared what we felt were some of the best moments that happened during TWICE‘s Melbourne ‘Ready To Be‘ tour. However, we know that there are many more beautiful memories that were made during the concert so, be sure to share them in the comments below!

We would like to extend our thanks to Live Nation and JYP Entertainment for bringing TWICE to Melbourne once again and for giving All Access Asia the chance to cover this amazing event. It is evident that this day will forever stay in our minds as we await for the next time they come back Down Under!

All Access Asia will continue to cover exclusive events in Australia, so stay tuned!

Written and edited by Tracey
Photography credit to Ian Laidlaw

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