2Z is ‘All I Need’ to ‘Stand’

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2Z has released two MVs for their upcoming return. It is for ‘All I Need‘ and ‘Stand‘. Check it out below!

All I Need‘ has a soothing acoustic guitar melody that goes well with the current Autumn vibes. One can’t help but sway to the melody as their vocals just sit so nicely on top of it. This kind of melody is definitely one that puts us in a good mood. When they hit the high notes, chills are definitely felt running down our spines. It is just utterly beautiful to listen to as they put their emotions into the way they are singing. This kind of vibe definitely suits them well.

Similarly, ‘Stand‘ is also a slow song with a minimalistic feeling. It relies on them using their vocals to guide the overall vibe of the song. Because of that, it allows us to notice the beauty of their vocals more as we hear them singing in harmonisation. Then, the guitar comes in strongly when the beat drops, giving us this wholesome feeling. One can’t help but get this nostalgic punk vibe that we all miss.

Overall, they have released two tracks that we can relax during this season. So, be sure to check out both MVs above. Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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