GOT7 has fans excited with latest long tracklist for their upcoming ‘Present: You &Me’ comeback

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As many knows, GOT7 will be making their wintry return with a new repackaged album. That does mean that this album will include the tracks from their previous album, ‘Present: You’. So, what makes this album quite special is not only the title of this album, ‘Present: You &Me‘, but also the new tracks they will present. So, check out the tracklist below to find out what they have in store for you!

So, on CD2, it is all the tracks that was presented in their ‘Present: You‘ album. The CD1 will have all the new tracks you want to hear. Not only will we be getting another title track, which is called ‘Miracle‘, there is also three new tracks! On top of that, we are finally getting the studio version of the unit and solo tracks that they have performed during their tours! It is the most exciting news fans have gotten and what a perfect way to end the year with.

The new tracks include ‘Take Me To You‘ and ‘I Can Not See‘. Their unit tracks include ‘1:31am‘, ‘Higher‘, ‘I Love It‘, ‘WOLO‘, ‘King‘, ‘Think About It‘ and ‘Phoenix‘. The solo tracks include Yugyeom‘s ‘Now‘ and Jackson‘s ‘Hunger‘.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is set to make their hot return on December 3rd. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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