100% enjoys the ’28℃’ weather for their 5th Japanese single teaser

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100% prepares for their fifth Japanese single by revealing their first image teaser. Furthermore, they have released more information on it. So, check it out below!

So, the members are seen dressed in very thick outfits that really brings out that Autumn vibes. Even the outfits’ colour works well with the theme they are going for. The look they give the camera is on point and quite strong. One can surely get lost in the beauty of this image. The track itself will talk about finding comfort from the ‘28℃‘ warmth. It will contain unforgettable love and chic melody, getting you falling in love all over again!

An event schedule was also revealed ahead of time. They will be traveling to many cities in Japan including Osaka, Aichi, Kanagawa, Tokyo and Chibi. The event will begin on December 7th to December 17th. More schedule will be released as soon as it has been decided. Each event will have a Mini live and talk section.

This single itself has a total of four versions including First Press Limited Edition, three normal versions and there are two versions of Unit Jacket Board. The First Press Limited Edition comes with the CD, DVD and a photo booklet. The CD will come with the following tracks: ‘28℃‘ and its instrumental version, ‘Stay With Me‘, ‘Only One Fateful Person‘ and ‘Never‘.

Normal Version A comes with a CD and a trading card. Its CD comes with ‘28℃‘, ‘Stay With Me‘ and their instrumental versions. Normal Version B also comes with a CD and a trading card. However, its CD comes with ‘28℃‘, ‘Only One Fateful Person‘ and their instrumental versions. Normal Version C has a CD and a trading card. Its CD has ‘28℃‘, ‘Never‘ and their instrumental versions. The Unit Jacket Board will only come with ‘28℃‘ track.

Meanwhile, 100% will make their hot return with their fifth Japanese single on December 12th. Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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