Zelo does a ‘Flash, Party’ in performance MV

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As many knows, Zelo recently dropped his first mini album, ‘Distance‘. With that album comes the song ‘Flash, Party!‘. It looks like he has dropped the performance MV for it. So, check it out below!

In this performance video, it shows off the beauty of the song and the dance choreography. He definitely has dropped such a fancy song that shows off his deep raspy voice, as well the softer side of his voice. It is a great mix between both of them, giving us the best of both sides. Meanwhile, when the chorus comes in, we get hit hard with the beat, that has you jamming to it as well. The dance choreography itself also hits hard as he brings out his sharp choreography, partnering it up with the Hip-Hop vibe.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the performance video above. Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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