Younha’s new MV ‘On A Rainy Day’ released!

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Some days you’re in need of a sweet ballad and Younha’s new MV is perfect to listen to ‘On A Rainy Day.

‘On A Rainy Day’ official MV

Younha really cast a spell on us with this MV as she takes us through a story almost right out of a book. The song is written like a love letter to the past and it’s composed so beautifully. With a soft backing track it really lends itself to powerful vocals and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

We were amazed at the heartwarming vocals that matched this beautiful song to draw in the emotion of the overall theme of this ballad. Filled with heartache and emotion, the song was very well matched to Younha‘s voice and concept.

Screen shot from the official MV

The design of the backdrops also tied in well with the theme ranging from the home, sunset, pouring rain and more; we felt like we were her best friend listening to her story.

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