YG confirms that his two new boy groups will be promoting together as Treasure 13!

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Yes, that is right! After much thought, YG has went ahead and revealed more exciting news in regards to his upcoming two new boy groups. Check out the information below!

So, he took to Instagram and the official website to reveal that the two boy groups will indeed be promoting together. So, the two groups will come together form Treasure 13. However, there will be units which will be the two boy groups that have been announced. The first boy group will promote under the name Treasure. The second boy group will promote under the name Magnum. Magnum has the meaning of wanting the fans to get drunk on the music.

At this point, nothing about their debut is confirmed. However, what they have in mind is that Treasure 13 will debut between May and July. After their debut as 13 members, then YG will consider the group promoting under Treasure and Magnum.

Fans of Treasure 13, Treasure and Magnum will come under one name: Treasure Maker, which refers to those who have supported the show. The group is said to work under the producers under YG, The Black Label and YGX.

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