Woosung really likes your ‘Face’

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The Rose‘s Woosung has made his solo debut with his mini-album ‘Wolf‘ and the title track ‘Face‘.

The leader and lead vocalist from The Rose played a major part in aspects of the release, participating in the creation of the concept, writing the lyrics, composition and producing the songs on the album.

‘Face‘ is a bold yet minimalist track. That is a pure slice of indie-pop heaven. The instrumentation for the track can only be described as ‘groovy’ with a funky bass and doses of rhythm guitar. It perfectly highlights Woosung‘s unique voice. His vocals are husky and raspy (his vocal) and they add to the minimalist tone of the track.

The song carries a simple but powerful message: that regardless of a person’s face, they deserve respect. The music video features a number of people, from all walks of life who help deliver the message of the song.

The music video was directed by Lee Rae Kyung, who also worked on music videos for IU, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, BOL4, and others.


What are your thoughts on Woosung‘s solo release? Do you like the song ‘Face‘? Have you listened to the other songs on the album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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