We want to go on a ‘Long Flight’ with Taeyong

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Taeyong‘s first ever solo track ‘Long Flight‘ for SM Station was released last week.

We have to be honest, we love everything about this track. The aesthetics and the vocals are off the chart.

Long Flight‘ is a relaxed R&B, mid-tempo track that combines Taeyong‘s well-known rapping skills with his sweet vocal. It’s the perfect vehicle for him to be able to showcase his full vocal ability. It’s quite a departure from the hard-hitting rap-style that we usually hear him performing with NCT and their sub-units.

Taeyong participated in composing and writing the lyrics for the song along with producer Royal Dive. The lyrics contain the sweet message ‘You won’t be bored if you go on a long flight with me‘.

In the music video, Taeyong performs the song aboard a plane as he travels through colourful skies.

Taeyong ‘Long Flight’

Taeyong‘s track ‘Long Flight‘ closes out season 3 of SM Station, and we can’t think of a better closing track for this season. We’ll now wait with anticipation for season 4!

What do you think of Taeyong‘s solo debut track ‘Long Flight‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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