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Just days after the announcement that we had all been waiting for – the debut of WayV (NCT Chrina‘s sub-unit), comes the start of the individual dream launch plan for the members.

The members of WayV will be Kun, WinWin, Ten, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Yangyang, and Hendery. The first four are current members of NCT, while we met the other three members in late 2018 as SM Rookies. The seven-member group will pursue promotions both inside and outside of China. It has also been revealed that they may join NCT’s future activities.

In his ‘Dream Launch Plan’, Yangyang revealed his dream of becoming a racer.

Yangyang expressed he won’t be able to drive for a while, but he believes his extremely competitive and speed-loving nature would be perfect for the career.

Check out Yangyang’s Dream Launch Plan

In his Dream Launch Plan, Lucas revealed his dream is to become an independent explorer.

Lucas explained he wants to get to know people’s dreams and aspirations, and traveling the world as an explorer would be a great way to see new faces.

Take a look at Lucas’ Dream Launch Plan

As promised, WayV released their second teaser clip ‘Feel the V‘ on January 2. It gave us another opportunity to see the members and get a feel for the concept of the group.

It’s clear that they are a highly visual group and each of the members will bring their own charms to the team!

Take a look at WayV’s ‘Feel the V’

What do you think of the Dream Launch Plan clips from WayV? Are you excited to hear what sort of music they release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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