WayV are going to ‘Take Off’ with their comeback

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WayV, NCT‘s Chinese unit have started dropping teasers for their first comeback. The group will be releasing their first mini-album ‘Take Off‘ on May 9.

The teasers that have been released so far have a futuristic travel concept, and the individual teaser images that have been shared are, in a word, STUNNING.

You guys know how much of a TEN fan I am, but can I get a shout out for Hendery in these shots! Xiao Jun and Yang Yang are not to be forgotten in this concept, it’s a highly visual and aesthetically pleasing look.

The silver, black and grey monochrome colour scheme is working so well – we’re excited to see the rest of the individual images.

WayV individual teaser images

In the first teaser clip, the members are hanging out in a departure lounge looking rather bored, the camera zooms in on each of them and identifies them with a persona, ie TEN is identified as ‘Stranger’, before the clip ends with them walking down a runway. What do the identities mean?

The snippet of what we assume will be the track is playing in the background and it sounds like a pounding dance track to us.

WayV ‘Take Off’ teaser clip

The group teaser images that were revealed last week gave us the title of the comeback and a look at the concept they are using.

WayV group teaser images

The schedule that was released highlights the key dates for each of the comeback teasers. We’ve still got a lot to look forward to between now and the release date of May 9.

WayV ‘Take Off’ schedule

WayV released a special ‘Take Off’ logo

WayV will be making their comeback with ‘Take Off‘ on May 9 at 3pm (CST).

Are you excited for new music from WayV? What do you think of the teasers that have been released so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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