VIXX member Hyuk to make solo debut

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Fans of VIXX were delighted and surprised to recently find out that member Hyuk would be making his solo debut. The talented performer had hinted at and then confirmed the announcement via social media (check out the posts below).

We’ve got details of the release now, and we’ve captured them all here for you. The song is a self-produced track called ‘Boy With a Star‘. It is scheduled for release on January 12.

In regards to his very first solo release, Hyuk asked fans to look forward to “a human Han Sang Hyuk, instead of VIXX’ Hyuk — a 25-year-old Han Sang Hyuk who has written a song with personal emotions experienced both directly and indirectly.

An audio teaser has just been released for the song. It has strong piano and guitar tones and then right at the end you hear Hyuk‘s voice. The teaser has a warm, rich and swirling tone.

VIXX Hyuk ‘Boy With a Star’ teaser

Earlier we saw the release of the online cover image for his solo debut, which confirmed the name of the track.

VIXX Hyuk ‘Boy With A Star’

The first hint of Hyuk‘s solo debut came with a mysterious tweet on the VIXX Twitter account. The first image showed a man playing the piano and the second was a note on a paper, which read; “Across the far roads.” The tweet also came with the date 20190112 and the hashtags, “#HINT #Piano #Lyrics #Hyuk.”

VIXX Hyuk teases for solo debut

Hyuk‘s solo debut release ‘Boy With a Star‘ is scheduled for release on January 12 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the news of VIXX member Hyuk‘s solo debut? Do you like the sound of the track from the audio teaser? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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