TXT wears the ‘Crown’ in their debut MV

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Boy group TXT has finally made their hot debut with ‘Crown‘. So, check out the music video below!

They surely went all out with this debut, which is evident through the quality of the music video. They have presented everything to us on the table, and they are surely waiting for our response. Their track has that fun and exciting boy group sound which hooks you in from the very beginning. The vocals are just so beautiful to listen to and it just runs so nicely with the melody.

The unique sounds that are added in helps change up the constant beat, making it quite interesting to listen to. The way the melody line just changes when it gets to the chorus makes it that much more fun to listen to. However, the song itself continues to stay at that tempo until the end, giving it that refreshing look.

Meanwhile, the music video itself has all kinds of transitions that allows us to see all the members. They are also a lot of animation added to show off their youth and fun side. It makes it a music video that is easy to remember. The short rap verses itself is actually so short but it is enough to give that song its final perfection element.

Meanwhile, the group itself has surpassed and become the group to have the most views on their debut song in 24 hours. Also, be sure to check out the track above. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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