TXT stares into your soul with latest ‘Blue Hour’ teasers

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TXT continues to reveal their teasers for ‘Blue Hour‘. Check it out below!

The next GIF teaser is for their Pixel Art VR version. In this teaser, we see this beautiful sunset colour scheme with the clouds moving to the left at a rapid speed. It is quite aesthetic to look at.

For their concept teaser, we see the members enjoying their time outside as they rest on the grass. They are seen wearing a denim outfit while going for that casual look. It is quite a look on them!

They have also revealed the tracklist. This album has a total of five tracks including ‘Ghosting‘, ‘Blue Hour‘, ‘We Lost The Summer‘, ‘Wishlist‘ and ‘Way Home‘.






Each member gets their own individual video teaser. In Beomgyu‘s teaser, we get the beauty of Autumn as he sits with the beautiful orange Autumn leaves. The song is also quite soothing to listen to, giving us chills. One can’t wait to hear more of it. So far, it is so beautiful! In Hueningkai‘s teaser, we see him enjoying his time outside near the Ferris wheel. He gives us a small smirk before the video ends.

For Soobin‘s teaser, we see him lying among the leaves while enjoying his time with a book. It is quite a peaceful scenery that shows off his charms. In Taehyun‘s teaser, we see him lying out on the grass while enjoying the bird view among him. With this video, we get to hear short adlibs that leave us excited. Finally, in Yeonjun‘s teaser, we get a more groovy beat as he walks towards the darkness. He puts on the cowboy hat with such charisma, leaving us falling for him further. It is quite a look and he pulls it off so well.

Meanwhile, the group will make their hot return on October 26th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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